General Pie Tips

Sweet Tips

for your Handmade Pies & Thumbprint Cookies

How many people does each pie serve?
  • Our 9” pies serve 7-8 people
  • Our 4” pies are intended to be a personal serving, but can be cut into (really cute) mini slices and shared
  • Our 2” pies are 2-3 delicious bites.
What is the best way to store my pie?
  • Meringue and custard-based pies should be refrigerated, along with some of our seasonal fruit Pies.
  • Nanny’s Pecan, I-40, Granny’s Apple and Chewy Chocolate Chip pies can be kept on the counter (or refrigerated if you prefer them cold)
How long will my pie last?
  • Refrigerated pies are best enjoyed within 2 days of purchase
  • Counter pies are best enjoyed within 3 days of purchase
  • Keep in mind, these are “best by” guidelines. You can treat our pies like you would your own homemade pies.
What makes Buttermilk Sky Pies so special?
All of our pies are handmade at our locally owned shops with real, simple ingredients. We use well-tested (and loved) recipes – many of which are from our grandmothers.
What is the story behind the I-40 Pie?
We named this pie while traveling on Interstate 40 during Thanksgiving. I-40 is a major connector of the South. The name was fitting since our pies also help people connect! #sharepiesharelove
Why is your crust different from most traditional pies?
We make a delicious shortbread crust which is similar to a cookie. Our pie crusts might appear lighter in color than traditional crusts but it’s intended and the nature of a shortbread crust.

Freezing & Thawing

Can I freeze my pie?
Many of our customers have told us that they successfully freeze our pies.  While we believe the best way to experience a Buttermilk Sky Pie is fresh from the shop, if you do choose to freeze your pie, make sure to wrap it well.  Meringue pies should not be frozen.
What is the best way to thaw a frozen pie?

While we believe the best way to experience a Buttermilk Sky Pie is fresh from the shop, if you do choose to freeze your pie, there are several options depending on the pie and your preference:

  • Custard-based pies should be thawed in the refrigerator.
  • All other pies can be thawed on the counter.
  • Our apple and I-40 pies are terrific warm and can go right from the freezer to the oven (in our pie tin or your own pie plate). Let rest on counter ~15 minutes. Bake, covered with foil, at 350-degrees for 60-75 minutes and then uncovered to brown top if desired. Enjoy!

Customizing & Serving

I like my pie warm. Can I heat a Buttermilk Sky Pie?
You can heat fruit pies, nut pies, custard pies, and cookie pies in a pre-heated 350-degree oven. Tent foil loosely over top of pie and heat for approximately 20 minutes. For best results, pies should be close to room temperature before heating. Warm pies are delicious on their own – or perfect with a scoop of ice cream!

Our 4” pies can alternatively be heated in the microwave. Just be sure to remove them from their tins. Carefully pull back the edges of the tin and invert the pie onto a plate. Microwave on medium for 10-15 seconds.

Do you have any serving suggestions for my pie?

The pies the limit! There are lots of terrific ways to enjoy our pies. Use your imagination. Some of our favorites include:

  • A la mode: With your favorite ice cream
  • Make your own Cloud 9: Soften ice cream and mix pie in it.
  • With sauce: How about drizzling warm chocolate or caramel sauce over your pie?
  • With fruit: Fresh berries are terrific on many pies, especially our Southern Buttermilk Pie. You can also use frozen fruit and sauce.
  • Whipped Cream: Make your own or buy it
My favorite pie is not on the menu. Do you make custom pies?
The short answer is we do not currently offer any custom pies.

The longer answer is we do have a range of seasonal and special pies that are offered throughout the year. Contact your local shop for their schedule and to see if your favorite might be on their calendar.

Pie flavors that are part of our current recipe book can sometimes be special ordered for large events (i.e. Weddings). Contact your local shop if you would like to explore this for your event.

Cookies & Other Questions

How long will thumbprint cookies last?
Our shortbread thumbprint cookies are best enjoyed within 3 days of purchase. To extend their freshness, you can put them into an airtight container or freeze them.
Can I freeze thumbprint cookies?
YES! Our thumbprint cookies freeze really well. You can take them out to enjoy one by one (we have heard that some folks like them right from the freezer) or by the batch. They thaw on the counter in about 30 minutes.
Can I get the ingredient list for my pies?
Of course. All of our pies (and cookies) are made on-site from simple, real ingredients – just like what you would use if you made them yourself. Ingredient cards are available at each of our shops. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us via
Why do you only ship some of your menu items?
We take great pride in ensuring all of our pies are fresh, delicious, beautiful, and affordable.  At this time, we have not found a way to ensure all of these criteria are met for everything on our menu.  We have recently expanded our nationwide shipping program from our Nanny’s Pecan Pie, I-40 Pie and our Chewy Chocolate Chip Pie to include Caramel Turtle & Key Lime Pies.  These pies, along with our thumbprint cookies, can be ordered online at Please check out our online shop for these and any any additional offerings.
I love your t-shirts, mugs and hats but they are not offered online. Is there any way to ship these?
Yes.  We have started to add some logo items to our online shop. You can always call us at 865-218-1319 or contact your nearest shop and we can explore your request on a custom basis.
Do you offer delivery?
Each of our shops has different options for delivery. Please contact your local shop to see what is available in your area.
Do you offer discounts for large orders?
Please contact your local shop to see what is available in your area.