We would love to be a part of your special day.

Pies, both full size and minis are a hit each, and every time we get the opportunity to be part of the dessert table. Of course, weddings aren’t the only type of catering we do. Why not serve pie at your next:

  • fundraiser
  • corporate meeting
  • anniversary
  • birthday party
  • sporting event
  • recital
  • graduation
  • baby shower

We get to be involved in community and civic events, corporate meetings, fundraising banquets, and anniversary celebrations.

And, birthdays of course. Did you know that lots of people would rather have a birthday pie? It’s true.

Events Menu

9-Inch Pies

Choose any of our eight classic flavors. Price breaks are as follows:

  • 1-9 Pies
  • 10-19 Pies
  • 20+ Pies

4-Inch Pies

Choose any of our six classic flavors.

Price is per dozen pies ordered.

Boxed in boxes of 4 only.

Thumbprint Cookies

Housemade shortbread, with our perfectly sweet icing filling. Price breaks are at:

  • 1-9 dozen
  • 10+ dozen

Custom color charge -­ 2 dozen minimum

$5.00 additional charge per custom color

Please contact your local store for exact pricing.

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