Meredith and Scott Layton, Buttermilk Sky Pie founders, were selected as the winners of Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown on the show’s Garden Pie competition.

Despite Scott stirring the pot of brittle much to Meredith’s wishes, “Team Layton” prevailed against some stiff competition and really nice people. (Scott later made up for the inappropriate stir with some mad nitrogen freezing skills!).

Here is what Meredith said about the experience:

If you watched Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown tonight, then you now know that Scott and I, representing Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop no doubt, were selected as the winners!! ¬†Wow!!!


What a blessing for Scott and I, working together as a team, drawing from families’ passion for baking!


More nutmeg, more nutmeg! Yep, that’s what I was “yelling” at Scott trying to finish that first pie!


What an experience. Our first trip to Toronto for the taping! Have you been to Tim Horton’s?! Love that place.


Well, our competition was amazing, and we clearly thought we’d be out in the first round. Scott and I really enjoyed getting to meet the other contestants. Once the clock started running though it was all focus on the baking, and I couldn’t stop sweating. I think I even commented about my hormones at some point – really glad they left that out of the show!


Scott and I worked well together under pressure because we do it every day. However, when he stirred the pot of brittle I was waiting patiently on because it CANNOT be stirred, we almost had a moment! Let me repeat, a moment!


The final round challenge, garden themed pies, I thought “no problem, we got this” and then they said it can’t be baked, I thought “oh no!!!!!”


When they announced that we won, we were both in complete disbelief!! Scott most definitely pulled us through the second round with his nitrogen ice cream freezing skills!! Love that man!


We are so, so happy to add this experience to our list of crazy things we’ve done together as a married couple over the past 21 years! We occasionally find ourselves just laughing out of nowhere and saying, “Did we really just compete on a Cooking Channel show and win?!” Us? Never dreamed our degrees in architecture and speech pathology would have lead here!!


One last thought. They introduced us as missionaries on the show which also cracked us up. We have gone on mission trips and definitely have a heart for missions (maybe that’s where our Pie it Forward came from), but we don’t consider ourselves missionaries unless you count sharing the gospel of pie and love in our daily lives!!


If you didn’t get to see the first airing, go to Sugar Showdown’s page on Cooking Channel’s website for re-air schedule: