Did someone say pie? Yes, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is now open in Murfreesboro at 2314 Medical Center Parkway.

But these are no ordinary pies.

“The pies are made from scratch every day. We make all the crusts. We make all the fillings and toppings,” said Buttermilk Sky manager Miranda Smith, whose in-laws, Chris and Ken Smith, own the Murfreesboro location.

Key to the pies is the crust, Smith said. Some have a shortbread crust, and there are also Oreo and graham cracker crusts. “And we like to say there’s a lot of love baked into the pies,” Smith said.

There’s also a lot of history tied to each recipe. Company founders Scott and Meredith Layton garnered many of the recipes for pies from their grandmothers. The Laytons first went into the cupcake business, but later moved into making pies.

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