For Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop of Greenville Franchise Owner and Pie Connoisseur Suzanne Keim, baking pies isn’t just a career and her way of making a living — it’s a way of life and creating memorable moments with the community and with families.

Keim got into professional baking through her cousin who opened up a pie shop a few years ago while Keim was managing a retirement community. After a few visits to her cousin’s shop, she was hooked.

She used to bake with her grandmother when she was a child but didn’t do much baking between her childhood years and her 50’s.

“One of my favorite memories of baking with my grandmother is actually not one of baking,” Keim said. “It’s making Jell-O salad. When I think of the holidays, I think of making Jell-O salad with her.”
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